Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set


  • Magnetic food-play set
  • Includes 4 magnetic ice-cream scoops, 2 cones and 2 magnetic scoopers.
  • Ice cream scoops store neatly in the sturdy plastic container.
  • 4 enticing flavors to scoop and stack
  • Enhances social interaction and fine motor skills.
  • Ages 3+

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Be sure your little baker uses the oven mitt to remove these 4 delectable-looking wooden cupcakes from their cupcake baking tray! This special set has 3 dry-erase markers shaped like icing tubes to decorate the smooth, removable, wipe-off cupcake tops. With colorful baking cupcake sleeves and decorative wooden candles, these low-cal cupcakes will be the hit of playtime birthday and tea parties!

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

  • Have kids make cupcakes to order. For example, you might request one chocolate cupcake with pink icing and green polka dots.
  • Have kids tell a story about the cupcakes they are baking. Are they for a special party, holiday, or event?
  • Have kids study the candles then close their eyes. Remove and hide one candle. Ask kids to describe the missing candle. Repeat by concealing two candles, then three. Repeat the activity using decorated cupcakes!
  • Pretend to have a birthday party. Have kids decorate the cupcakes and place them into the cupcake tray. Sing “Happy Birthday,” then “blow out” the candles.

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